Image is it possible to be aware of a state of peace ?

is it possible to be aware of a state of peace ?

is it possible to be aware of a state of peace ?

A simple comparison of how people were 10 years ago and how they are nowadays results in a mind-boggling answer, knowing that people have become more stressed and more aggressive in today's modern society. Despite such a trouble, other individuals decide to remedy the situation through mindfulness.

The ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat said that unless each individual attains inner peace, they won't have true happiness. But is it possible to be aware of a state of peace? Read more and find out the signs of inner peace in a fulfilled individual.

Unmeasurable happiness

Individuals who have attained inner peace are characterized by a spirit of ecstasy and mind tranquility. In fact, they are free from worrying about their sufferings and troubles. Instead, they focus their attention on a positive vision of life.


Another sign of peace of mind is tranquility. A serene individual does not get discouraged by obstacles which may cross their paths. They are hopeful that they will be able to attain their objectives. They are characterized by their optimism and positivity. They are faithful that if there is a will, there is a way. Another sign of state of peace is bravery; peaceful individuals feel confident and are fearless. They have audacity to speak out for peace.

Tranquility or calmness

It is possible to be aware of a state of peace because an individual who has discovered inner tranquility can control their emotions. They are neither aggressive nor hostile over their assailants. In addition, they do not get angry despite criticism about their principles or faith. Peaceful individuals try to resolve conflicts through non-violence and in silence.


An individual's state of peace can also be visible through compassion. It involves doing good for humans, for example, praying for the sick and treating their ailments, or giving them a massage therapy. The ambassador of peace Prem Rawat, for example, shows compassion for the impoverished people by giving them food aid through his TPRF Foundation.

He also shows sympathy to the inmates and teaches them about the process to inner peace. To know compassionate people, they do not show off or demand compensation for their humanitarian acts. Instead, they undertake benevolent acts to show compassion to the needy people.


In other words, there are great differences between the carnal man and the spiritual man. A man still walks under the flesh if he curses, is boastful, criticizes the others behind their back. They avoid taking prides in their work, clothing style, or even words. To know that an individual is at peace, it is clear that they are meek and kind. They are modest and control their emotions, they weigh their words, they do not criticize nor talk behind someone's back.

Optimism or positivity

The state of peace can be known when an individual can see everything from the positive angle, whether it is a happy event, or a sad event, or it is an angry word. They look at everything from another angle, keeping a positive or optimistic mind, giving thanks that every act has a good reason for happening. Their strong belief in God nurtures their positivism in them.


It is possible to be aware of the state of inner tranquility through the great knowledge possessed by the individual. They are conscious of everything, and are able to remain watchful and peaceful.

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