Image Is understanding our past help us to flourish in the present?

Is understanding our past help us to flourish in the present?

Is understanding our past help us to flourish in the present?

Living in the past means that one's mind and soul are desperately longing for previous life and past experiences, which have greatly affected their emotions. The mind is absorbed in the past so that one ignores to live in the present.

In such a case, it can be said that the individual is does not have peace within, and sometimes wishes to put an end to their existence. Our objective is to find out if it is helpful to understand our past in order to excel in our present lives.

Does understanding our past help us flourish in the present?

Living in the past means bondage

You may have seen movies about slaves who are compelled to labor endlessly for their masters in wheat fields or in another place. They are deprived of their rights, and are forced to toil day and night despite their exhaustion or illnesses.

However, they are unable to escape from their bondage. Likewise, past life can haunt memories and hold their victims in captivity; it prevents them from fully contributing to their present lives. Each day of their life, their attention is focused on their past memories, which use up all their energy.

Understanding the past gives reasons for living

In contrast, a good comprehension of the past enables fulfillment in the present life for many reasons: 

  • A good comprehension of the past implies that you have a clear understanding of the reasons why things have unexpectedly turned out to be like as they are nowadays
  • A good understanding of the previous life enables you to connect to and focus on the present
  • If you can understand what caused things to happen that way, you will know where you fit in and what your role is in the current life.

Understanding the past gives value to the present

The peace ambassador, Prem Rawat, said, "Every moment in your life is unique. Every moment has a momentous gift for you… You (should) begin to appreciate every moment." This message of peace that he shares to the world highlights the importance of each moment in our life.

Thus, it is crucial that we excel in everything we are doing. His TPRF Foundation does several activities to share their gift of a happy living to the needy in many parts of the world.

Free and flourishing individuals live in the present

People who are lost in the past are irritated, aggressive, and pessimistic. They are not self-confident and lack motivation in everything, wherever it is for fun or for their own interests. Besides, they underestimate themselves and avoid engaging in meaningful activities, which promote fulfillment.

In contrast, with a good understanding of the past, people have a drive to challenge past failures and actively take actions to remedy the situations. They stay focused in their objectives in order to realize their ambition. They put all their efforts for the common good. Therefore, they can flourish in their endeavor.

Understanding the past promotes a better vision of the future

Clarity about the past makes it possible to have an explicit vision of the future. Without a clear understanding of our past mistakes and failure, it will be difficult to find some approaches to deal with the present and visualize the future.

Therefore, it is undeniable that a sound comprehension of our past helps us to thrive in all our undertakings. To gain clarity, Prem Rawat suggests to conduct mindfulness activities, which will eventually free you from the bondage of the haunting past memories, and move ahead in life.

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